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Location: Diani Beach
Price: $ 380
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sky diving diani beach

Nothing on earth can beat this experience. Tandem skydiving in Diani allows you to experience the thrill of free fall and a magnificent canopy flight over the coastline without any significant training.


Your Diani skydiving experience starts with a 20 minute brief from one of our instructors before you are ready to take the skies at 10,000 feet. After getting geared up you board the airplane for a 15 minute scenic flight, enjoying the beautiful view as you climb up to altitude. As you approach the exit point, you will be securely attached to the front of your instructor, and you start moving towards the doorway of the plane. You will feel the wind blast, and your heart pound with excitement as you hang your feet outside the aircraft and look at the ground 10,000 feet below.

You can expect an intense rush as you free fall towards the earth reaching terminal velocity at approximately 200km/h. This is 35 seconds of pure adrenaline – don’t forget to smile to the camera!
At 5000 feet your main parachute is deployed, and you can catch your breath while enjoying a spectacular 5 minute canopy ride back to earth.


Sky diving in diani

Enjoy the climb to 10,000 feet and the views across to the north to the Mombasa delta, the Shimba Hills to the west, and the turquoise Indian Ocean and crystal white sands of Diani Deach.

Once at the right altitude and in the correct location… it is time to jump. You will enjoy around 30 seconds of freefall, before the parachute deploys and you will then really be able to enjoy a birds-eye-view of the Mombasa coastline.

On landing, enjoy a celebratory Tusker at Forty Thieves Bar on the Diani beach.

All operations meet international safety standards.

Walk away from your skydive Diani  with more than just memories.. For an additional $100 you can have your skydive filmed and produced a professionally edited video capturing your whole experience so you can relive your moment again and again.

Included:   Transport to Ukunda airstrip from Skydive Office, safety briefing and equipment.
Not Included:   Personal insurance, items of a personal nature, meals, drinks, accommodation.
Nb: Don’t Forget: Tied on shoes, appropriate clothing.



Special Notes for Sky Dive Diani :

  • Choose comfortable clothes for your skydive – skirts or dresses are not suitable. Shoes are not required but you will be walking over hot tarmac to get to the plane. Firmly tied sneakers are the best.
  • You must be reasonably fit to skydive. You must be able to lift both your legs up for landing.
  • People heavier than 100 kgs may not be able to skydive – please enquire.
  • It is important not to scuba dive at least 24 hours prior to skydiving.
  • Anyone younger than 18, we will need their parent’s or legal guardians written consent to participate.
  • Nobody under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted to skydive.
  • Due to weather, air traffic and tides, etc – it could be a couple of hours between your booking time and actual dive.
  • The operator reserves the right to refuse any client for any reason. If so the client will be fully refunded from whoever they paid their booking to, less any transfer/bank fees.

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