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Student Safaris in East Africa

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Experience a wide range of  studies in environmental and social conditions in Kenya and Tanzania, two of the most beautiful, interesting, and diverse countries in the world. We offer customised educational and Study active travel experiences for students from Common Entrance at Prep School level through to University degree .

Koobi fora

Kenya and Tanzania are the perfect place for educational travel experiences.We specialize in educational safari packages where Student Travelers can connect deeply and engage meaningfully with the richness and  complexities of our eclectic countries through home stays, outdoor excursions, meetings with local leaders and engagement with civil society groups.


We offer the perfect locations in East Africa for educational tours and other enrichment programs. Whether it is geography, environmental studies, geology, conservation, health and social care or Art, Cultural Discovery, Sustainability and the Environment, Language Exploration, Community Service, Travel with Purpose and more. Students interact with the people who live side-by-side with wildlife, conduct research on local concerns, forge work opportunities, and pursue academic programs—all while still having fun.  These programs are tailored to meet the needs of partner institutions and are backed by experienced, distinguished facilitators from local institutions.

Our student and school Safaris activities are also fun filled offering valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various activities like White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Fishing, Quad Biking, Walking and Hiking Safaris.

Learning expands the soul — Namibian Proverb


Purpose and Objectives of our  Africa Educational and Study Tours

1. To expose students to a part of planet Earth that they, or their parents, would probably never think of going.

2. To take students out of their comfort zone (safely), and into the realm of where almost 50 per cent (maybe more) of the world’s population live – day-to-day survival.

3. To expose students to the beauty of  East Africa – the people, the ecosystem, and the ability to be happy with few of the material comforts in life.

4. To experience a cultural exchange with the local people  by visiting a mission school where the students have been orphaned.

5. To experience a Farm stay so that students get to experience a life on a farm on a large estate in which the enterprising farmers today use modern agricultural methods to work the land and who also supplement their living with learning safari tours

6. At the end of the trip, to be able to empathize with those – anywhere in the world, including your home country- who, through no direct fault of their own, are not able to enjoy the same comforts as people in the ‘developed world’.

7. Perhaps, somewhere down the line and when this trip’s participants are decision makers with financial resources at their disposal, they will contribute to help people in East Africa, to save endangered species, and to give groups of people less fortunate than themselves a chance to survive.

8. The objectives above are not necessarily curriculum related – they transcend formal education and deal with education about the real world.

Kenya student safari Packages / Kenya study tours– Tanzania  student safari Packages / Tanzania  study tours
Kenya and Tanzania is well endowed with abundant flora and fauna making it such an interesting place to visit for learning purposes. Both countries  have important pre-historic sites which form valuable sources of learning mankind’s evolution. In addition, the country is blessed with unspoilt natural habitat that is ideal for retreats. We organize fun-filled retreats and learning adventures for groups and especially for students.


We offer below  East Africa Education Trips and study tours

  • Educational Tourism in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Research Tourism in East Africa
  • Community, Cultural and Historical Education Tourism
  • Ecotourism/Eco-Safari and Nature based Educational Tourism
  • Rural Educational Tourism in Kenya & Tanzania
  • Study abroad programs for foreign visitors to Kenya and Tanzania
  • Student Cross Cultural Exchange programme in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Wildlife Conservation studies and Ecology in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Islam and Tourism in Mombasa ,Zanzibar and  Dares Salaam


Young Persons  Learning Tours in Kenya and Tanzania

Our  learning tours for teenagers are a life-enriching pre-higher education experience. These unique tours will include homestays with local families as well as safari adventures, all with the emphasis on fun and engaging learning. This is an incredible cultural and nature experience for youngsters interested in further studies in the field of Wildlife Conservation, Ecology and sustainability. Contact us for more information on the programmes offered.

Our field study tours in Kenya and Tanzania offer participants experiences that inspire and educate. The programs are professionally designed for you, your group and course of study to bridge theory with practical exposure. In addition, the participants are encouraged to recognize the similarities between global environmental and social issues at each destination.

The Study Programs engage with the following projects:

  • “Adopt a School” links Kenyan Schools with an international counterpart. Students become pen pals and exchange information about cultures and lifestyles and participating in small fund raising projects.
  • Community projects such as developing a school library, water projects and a community endowment fund to assist in local education and development.
  • Research and Volunteer Opportunities for Students.

Contact us for Tailor made student tours in Kenya and student tours in Tanzania