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Enabled Holidays in Kenya

We offer specialized accessible safari for disabled travelers and enabled holidays for Travelers with disabilities. Safaris for the disabled; Safaris for the physically challenged. All these are arranged in special vehicles and they include a couple more guides to assist the clients. The vehicles are usually designed in a special way to accommodate wheel chairs etc. We aim to provide independent, barrier free and accessible safaris for everybody – to exceed your wildest dreams! Whether you are physically challenged or impaired, paraplegic, tetraplegic, quadriplegic, suffer from an illness or have special needs, we will cater for all your special requests. Wheelchair, crutches or other mobility aids will not stop you from experiencing the diversely of Kenya!

We cater for travelers with the following  disabilities: Mobility impairment, Hearing impairment, Visual impairment, Oxygen users and Kidney dialysis requirements

Safari Tours for Disabled Persons in Kenya

We offer the disabled traveler the opportunity to experience the wonders and natural beauty of Kenya and help you plan your own disabled safari travel in Kenya! Just let us know where and when and we would be happy to assist you in planning a wonderful accessible Kenya vacation for yourself as an individual or as a disabled traveling group! Our Specialized safari services offer disabled and special needs travelers unprecedented freedom to travel as well as visits and volunteer opportunities.

Kenya Enabled Safaris | Accessible Travel 

Roaming Africa Tours offers Accessible Kenya travel |Accessible Kenya safaris | Accessible Kenya adventures |Kenya Disabled Safari Holidays | Accessible wildlife safaris in Kenya |Accessible Kenya holidays for families, groups of friends, persons with disabilities.  We offer many wheelchair accessible safaris and attractions that cater specifically to wheelchair users

Travel-preparations guide

Kenya Accessible Accommodation:

We work with a wide range of accessible Kenya safari lodges, accessible Kenya tented camps, accessible Kenya safari hotels, accessible Kenya beach resorts and self catering cottages all of whom have made a lot of progress incorporating wheelchair access over the last few year.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles & Experienced Driver Guides

Our 4×4 Safari vehicles we use are specifically developed to ensure the best safari experience in the safest manner for physically challenged travelers . We are the specialist for safaris for those with limited mobility in Kenya and our comprehensive range of available safari vehicles differs from standard safari vehicles to specially adapted safari vehicles that have wheelchair access ramps and special wheelchair locking systems.

Our driver-guides have a lot of experience and will make sure you can enjoy your Kenya disability holidays without worries and allow you to discover the wonders of African wildlife. We can avail the use of professional nurses during all the escorted tours for the physically impaired.

Accessible Safaris by Air in Kenya

Another way of transport is to do safaris by air; meaning your main mode of transportation between the parks and places to visit is a light aircraft. For these so called ‘fly-in safaris’ we are also able to customize private charter flights, and design your own personalized fly-in safari for the physically challenged .

NB: that these holidays for the disabled  are usually tailor-made two months before the tour departure date. This gives us time to adjust our accommodation facilities to favor the nature of our client’s disability which include the adjustment of the tour van seats and sitting arrangements, bookings in suitable hotels and lodges, allocation of suitable staff to handle the clients’ needs such as the hiring of the wheel chairs, escorting personnel, nursing staff and sign language guides.

We have a range of Mobility Equipment to Hire  including vehicle access ramps, Mobility Scooters, Disabled Hoists, Wheelchairs, Profile Beds and Shower commode Chairs etc.

Accessible Tours in Kenya

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