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Safari Tours for Disabled Persons in Kenya

Discover the wonders of Kenya!  We can assist you in planning your own disabled safari travel in Kenya! Just let us know where and when you would like to travel and we would be happy to assist you in planning a wonderful accessible Kenya vacation for yourself as an individual or as a disabled traveling group! Our Specialized safari services offer disabled and special needs travelers unprecedented freedom to travel as well as visits and volunteer opportunities. We offer the disabled traveler the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Kenya. With our wheelchair friendly travel, accessible tours and accommodation information we aim to make traveling in Kenya  a more pleasurable and hassle free experience.

Accessible Travel 

Roaming Africa Tours offers Accessible Kenya travel, Accessible Kenya tours, Accessible Kenya safaris, Accessible Kenya adventures , Kenya Disabled Safari Holidays, Accessible wildlife safaris in Kenya and Accessible Kenya holidays for families, groups of friends, persons with disabilities.  We offer many wheelchair accessible safaris and attractions that cater specifically to wheelchair users


We know that all mobility impaired persons are very special people and it will be our pleasure to host you and ensure that your visit to Kenya  is a amazing and never to be forgotten experience!  Our Kenya disability holidays are tailor-made to give you the freedom of choice and together we will create a safari that lets you experience even more than you may have thought possible.

Kenya Enabled Safaris

We operate custom-made enable safari and holidays packages purely for the physically handicapped and especially for travellers on wheelchair. Where required, we provide Sign Language Interpretation for our guided tours and safaris and also offer qualified male and female nurses on request.

Travel-preparations guide

Kenya Accessible Holidays

We are very knowledgeable about planning accessible holidays in Kenya and the destination you may want to visit. Consequently, we are able to make helpful recommendations on what you should do while you’re there. Our tours consultants understands the needs of disabled and physically challenged  travelers to Kenya , can customize the trip, and is knowledgeable about the destinations that disabled clients my need to visit.


Getting around Kenya and tracking wildlife is an incredible experience for anyone, and a disability / restricted mobility need not be a hindrance to this unforgettable adventure.

We provide the following accessories to make your Kenya disabled vacation possible: Foldable commode shower/toilet chair – with or without wheels which can also be taken along on safari. Quite handy in the bush!

Hoist  – we provide an electrical hoist for those clients who need assistance with lifting

Beach Buggy – for those travelers who spend a few days at the beach we provide a beach buggy – Tiralo – which allows you to enjoy the sandy beaches and enter the ocean without a problem.

Visually Impaired/Partially Sighted

An African Safari is a feast for all of the senses, and being here is about more than just seeing. The sounds of the African night, as lions call each other and the Savannah comes to nocturnal life, followed by the great dawn chorus as a multitude of birds greet the rising sun – this is one of the great African experiences.

The warmth of the sun and the calm soothing waters of the Indian Ocean along our coastline, the sound of traditional song and dance in a local village, the chance to meet and talk with the warm and welcoming people from a new and fascinating culture.

Kenya Accessible Accommodation:

We work with a wide range of accessible Kenya safari lodges, accessible Kenya tented camps, accessible Kenya safari hotels, accessible Kenya beach resorts and self catering cottages all of whom have made a lot of progress incorporating wheelchair access over the last few year. All major national parks now have either a lodge or camp with good access, you are not limited to visiting certain areas only. In Nairobi and the Coast there are also several options, kindly have a look at our accommodation page. The accessible wheelchair friendly accommodation venues visited on the tours have been personally inspected by our tour guides to ensure that they meet your needs and standards, and that accessibility and comfort come first.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles & Experienced Driver Guides

Our 4×4 Safari vehicles we use are specifically developed to ensure the best safari experience in the safest manner for physically challenged travelers . We are the specialist for safaris for those with limited mobility in Kenya and our comprehensive range of available safari vehicles differs from standard safari vehicles to specially adapted safari vehicles that have wheelchair access ramps and special wheelchair locking systems.

Since safari vehicles are designed for rough roads they have higher ground clearance than other (non-safari) vehicles. This means that if you want to enter/exit the vehicle a ‘big step’ needs to be taken. For those who need we can provide extra (removable) steps on the side of the vehicle allowing easier access.

Our 4x4 Safari Landcruisers

For those guests that cannot make the transfer from their own wheelchair into a normal car seat and therefore need to remain seated in their own wheelchair during driving, we have specially adapted safari vehicles that ensure extra safety whilst being on the road.


Specially designed wheel chair access ramps will make a smooth entrance into the safari vehicle. Inside, the vehicle surface has a flooring system that works in conjunction with universal wheelchair and occupant restraint (locking) systems. An extra strap belt can be arranged for those passengers in the wheelchair to ensure more stability and safety while driving.

Our driver-guides have a lot of experience and will make sure you can enjoy your Kenya disability holidays without worries and allow you to discover the wonders of African wildlife. We can avail the use of professional nurses during all the escorted tours for the physically impaired.

Accessible Safaris by Air in Kenya

Another way of transport is to do safaris by air; meaning your main mode of transportation between the parks and places to visit is a light aircraft. For these so called ‘fly-in safaris’ we are also able to customize private charter flights, and design your own personalized fly-in safari for the physically challenged .


Assisted Travel in Kenya

Sometimes travel is much easier with someone who can help you with daily tasks, like dressing, shopping, changing money and getting around. For anyone who feels they need assistance along the way, our guided safaris/holidays with one of our trained team-members is ideal.

NB: that these holidays for the disabled  are usually tailor-made two months before the tour departure date. This gives us time to adjust our accommodation facilities to favor the nature of our client’s disability which include the adjustment of the tour van seats and sitting arrangements, bookings in suitable hotels and lodges, allocation of suitable staff to handle the clients’ needs such as the hiring of the wheel chairs, escorting personnel, nursing staff and sign language guides.

Accessible Tours in Kenya

4 Days Accessible Air Safari
7 Days Disabled Persons Safari
9 Days Accessible Holiday