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18 Days Kilimanjaro & Safari

18 Days
18 Days Kilimanjaro Safari Zanzibar Tour. Our Kilimanjaro, Safari and Zanzibar package, mesmerizes those who desire to explore the true essence of Africa’s beauty.18 Days Kilimanjaro Safari Zanzibar Tour. The brilliant combination of the vast plains of the ancient savannah, the tropical beaches and exceptional culture of Zanzibar, as well as standing a top Africa’s spellbinding rooftop creates an unparalleled experience.
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$ 6,130

13 Days Kilimanjaro & Safari

13 Days Kilimanjaro & Safari
Follow up a tremendous experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with an epic wildlife safari. This trip is perfect for active people in good health and with the spirit of adventure.
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$ 3,950

6 Days Shira Route

The Shira Route is truly picturesque and unspoilt with the possibility of sighting wild game along the forest section. This route is a superior option for trekkers seeking a quiet route away from the crowds
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