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4 Days Sirimon Chogoria

The combination of the two most scenic routes to the peak of Mount Kenya, the Sirimon and Chogoria, offers a unique experience. The trek has a great variety of scenery and becomes through this a spectacular route.
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4 Days Naromoru Sirimon

This is the most popular of all routes that can lead you to the peak of the Mount Kenya, Point Lenana on 4985m. The trek is the steepest and fastest way to reach the top and ascends the mountain from the west, while enjoying the natural beauty around you. The route offers some of the best tourist accommodations, as the cabins on this side of Mount Kenya are in a good quality
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Burguret Chogoria Traverse

7 Days Mount Kenya Climbing
Burguret – Chogoria is a real treat for anyone wanting to avoid crowded trails and willing to rough it a little. Burguret was pioneered during the colonial era but had fallen into disuse until our guides opened it up again in the early 90s. Climbing up Burguret is a real challenge, following overgrown game trails through dense bush. There are no mountain huts, you’ll be camping in the wild
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