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The Aberdare National Park is found north of Nairobi in central Kenya. Dramatic waterfalls, mountains and deep valleys, contrast with the undulating moorlands and volcanic outcrops. Deep ravines cut through the forested slopes found within this scenic region.

The birdlife is rich with over 250 species in the park. Although there aren’t quite as many animals to see in comparison to some of the other game-parks, there is still plenty to see. Animals seen include rhino, elephant, baboon, black and white Colobus monkey and Sykes monkey. Rarer sightings include leopard, lion, the golden cat and an elusive forest antelope called the bongo, which lives in the bamboo forest. Higher in the moorlands, you may also be lucky and see eland and even Serval cats.

A night in the Aberdares is unforgettable. Elephant herds surround the waterholes, drink and then fade way into the forest. Buffalo bulls fight over territory in spectacular battles. Sleek Genet cats descend from the trees and slip through halls of the lodge. the Occasionally a Rhino or the elusive Bongo antelope appear and visit the waterhole.

The Aberdares can also be explored by vehicle, or on foot. There are trekking trails throughout the forests, and across the moorlands. A few days spent here is one of Kenya’s best forest treks.